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Uninstalling multiple versions of HRD
Last Updated 2 years ago

Rule out conflicts that may arise from having multiple versions of Ham Radio Deluxe installed.  Please do the following:

Look in Add/Remove Programs and see if you have more than one version of Ham Radio Deluxe installed. If so, please proceed with the following steps:

- backup your log (this is a safety precaution; this process should not damage your log or settings)
- uninstall ALL versions of Ham Radio Deluxe in Add/Remove Programs
- uninstall anything that says "HRD Logbook" in Add/Remove Programs
- remove any remaining desktop shortcuts related to HRD
- remove any remaining Start Menu items related to HRD
- delete any remaining Ham Radio Deluxe folders under c:\program files (x86)
- install the latest version of HRD
- in the unlikely event that your log does not appear automatically, restore your log using the backup/restore function

This process does not remove your log, settings, or license key information.

Report back to us and let us know if the problem you reported is resolved.

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