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Logbook or DM-780 freeze when launched. How do I prevent this?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The following describes one scenario where Logbook or DM will freeze when launched.

What happened: Logbook froze on launch (while loading the logbook). I had to quit the program from Task Manager. I tried to restart it again... same result. When Logbook freezes, it will also freeze DM-780 (because DM connects to Logbook for access to the database).

I think I know what caused this... but first, there's more you should know about the use of Microsoft Access for context.

Context: You may wonder, "If HRD Logbook uses Access for its database, then how does it work when Microsoft Access (or Office with Access) is not installed on the machine?"

When Microsoft Access is not installed on the machine, applications built to use Access use a FREE "runtime" version of Access that is embedded in the application. Depending on what version of Visual Studio... or what version of the runtime the developer includes... determines which "version" of Access this runtime version is using. (In other words... every time there's a new version of Access, there's a new version of the runtime.

However... at least the way HRD has always been coded... if there is ANY version of Access installed on the machine, applications will use the installed version of access because of file associations in Windows (and will ignore the embedded runtime version; I've known coders who will hard-code their app to hit the runtime version - rather than the installed version - just to prevent weird problems from happening).

With that in-mind... back to what I suspect the cause was... then on to the way to fix it.

Cause: Last night, I upgraded Office on my laptop from Office 2010 to Office 2013. I didn't try HRD until the drive to work this morning... but the only logical conclusion that I can come up with is that this different version of the installed version of Access had trouble with the database that was created with Office 2010. That was my assumption... so...

Fixing it: The database is in the C:\ProgramData\HRDLLC folder (which is why users need create/modify rights to that folder). With Logbook shutdown (it wouldn't launch without freezing anyway), I went into that folder and renamed the existing database. Then I launched Logbook... which, if an Access database doesn't exist (My Logbook), one gets created automatically on launch - even if the user is using a MySQL variant (which is fine). But once Logbook launched... it created a clean database... I restored the log from backup... and things went smoothly from there.

(That said, all new databases get created with a "Max Buffer" size of 2048 (even if Jet 2x has been changed in the registry. With installed versions of Access 2007 or newer, or no installed version of Access, the max buffer size should be set to "0" for best performance. This allows Windows to auto-allocate buffer space to the database. If versions of Access prior to 2007 are installed, the max buffer size should be set to "50000". You find this in the menu bar in Logbook... Tools... ODBC Administrator... 32-bit... select the database... click Advanced... and change it there. If this is not set correctly for large log databases, it will adversely impact the performance of Logbook and DM-780.)


So... if you've read this far... my point is this...

If you find someone saying that Logbook or DM freeze after launch, it might be worth asking them "When did you last upgrade Microsoft Office or Access?" If they have done an upgrade since their Logbook was created in HRD, then I would recommend taking the steps I described above to see if this resolves the problem.

I'm also going to copy this text to an FAQ in the Knowledgebase area of osTicket so we'll have it there for reference.

Mike, WA9PIE

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