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I can't edit the Macros. What am I missing?
Last Updated 2 years ago

In order to edit the DM-780 Macro file and make it stick, you may have to elevate the user privleges of the HRDLLC folder where the User files are stored.  Please follow the instructions below and this should resolve your problem.

Elevate rights to HRDLLC hidden folder
  • close all HRD applications
  • open Windows Explorer
  • type "c:\ProgramData" into the file path field (this folder is hidden, but once you're there, you'll see the folders within it)
  • right click on the HRDLLC folder
  • click "Properties"
  • click "Security"
  • make sure "Users" have "Full Control" for this folder (which is inherited by sub-folders)
  • change the rights for "Users" to "Full Control" by clicking the "Edit" button and selecting "Users", then...
  • under "Allow", click "Full Control" (this will select all the other rights)
  • then click "Ok" to save the settings... and "Ok" again to close the Properties dialog box

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