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IC-7410 and HRD
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IC-7410 - HRD Setup Instructions.

SUPPORT NOTE REGARDING INTERFACES: If you are using any HARDWARE or SOFTWARE INTERFACE between HRD and your radio - HRD Support is NOT responsible for setting up and configuring this interface.
If you have issues with an interface of this type, they need to be addressed by the interface manufacturer. The easiest way to determine if your issue is with the interface is to connect HRD to one of the Demomatic radios. If your issue goes away, then it is an interface issue.
Please see the HRD manual for instructions on how to use the Demomatic Mode.

Please see the enclosed PDF file for full instructions on setting up HRD with your IC-7410.

Once rig control has been established, then look at the generic icom usb guide for DM-780 configuration

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