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How Do I Get Technical Support
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Getting Technical Support
Our Technical Support Staff is always ready, willing and able to assist you with any problems you run into with the HRD software. Note that we are responsible for the HRD SOFTWARE Only!!


E-mailing support questions to the sales department creates 3 unfavorable situations. First, it takes our sales staff away from their specific job, which is handling e-mails and phone calls pertaining to the sale and shipping of the HRD software. Secondly, there is a chance the e-mail may get set aside to be handled later, then it could fall through the cracks and not get handled at all, and three, it slows down the chances of you getting in contact directly with a technician who CAN help you since the sales person would probably, if he/she does answer your e-mail, will send you a response telling you to “open a support ticket” for our support staff to handle.

Our support staff is available Monday through Friday from 6am to 5pm Eastern Time. If you are trying to get support and because of your work schedule or something else that doesn’t permit you to contact us during normal business hours, our staff will certainly be more than happy to set up an appointment after hours or even on a weekend in order to assist you with a problem you may be having with our software.

The preferred method of contacting support is through our Support Ticket system. This system is accessed from our website by clicking on the “Support” page from the main menu and selecting the Support Ticket option. When a ticket is entered into the system, it is assigned a unique tracking number. All communications between the technician and the customer should remain in this ticket thread. That way we can track exactly what has been done and said about your issue and allows us to better troubleshoot your problem. We ask that you DO NOT enter more than one ticket about the same issue. This just confuses things trying to keep everything together and slows down the process of handling your support request.

We do make every effort to handle each support ticket within 48 hours of it’s receipt. We do, however, sometimes get backed up and it might take us a little longer, especially during the summer when we are attending hamfests around the country. There are many of these hamfests where the entire staff attends, in which case the support department and the sales department will be closed during the time we are gone. Other times there may be only 1 or 2 people available to handle support and sales, which does slow things down, so, please, if we don’t get right back to you, be patient. We will get with you just as soon as possible and will spend as much time as necessary to make every attempt to resolve your issue.

When you do contact support, whether it is by support ticket or on the phone, we are going to ask some questions which we need accurate answers for in order to be able to troubleshoot your problem. Below is a list of the most common things we ask for. Some of the items are required on all support tickets. Others are things that you need to provide either in the text of the message or have available so you can give us the information on the phone.

Your Callsign (required for all support requests)
Your Radio
Your Interface (How the radio is connected to the computer)
Your HRD Version (In HRD click on HELP > ABOUT)
Your Windows Version
A detailed description of the problem your seeing. Please don't just say "I can't get my radio to connect". That doesn't really give us any information to use to troubleshoot. Tell us if you are getting an "error" screen and if you are, what "error" are you getting? What EXACTLY are you doing when the problem occurs? Small things that you may not feel important may give us clues as to what the problem is and how to resolve it.
Include screenshots of the issue, if possible.

If you call on the phone, there are times when we may ask if we may remote into your computer to troubleshoot the problem. We use a program called “Teamviewer” for all of our remote connections. Since Teamviewer is a FREE FOR PERSONAL USE program, many people already have the software on their computer, however, you may not have a version that is compatible with the commercial version we use. If you feel we may need to do a remote into your computer to help you, it would help and save a lot of time if you could download and save on your computer a special version of Teamviewer that we have our clients use. It is Teamviewer QS, a small executable file that does NOT install Teamviewer on your computer but rather is just an executable that allows us to connect to your computer. This version can be downloaded by going to and click on “Support” at the top of the home page. On the Support page, scroll down until you see the “Teamviewer” icon, download and save the Teamviewer QS program on your computer. Once you have it saved on your computer you can easily access it if asked to do so during a phone support call. You could also download the Teamviewer QS program by clicking on the link in the HRD Help Links at the bottom of this section.

Our technicians ARE NOT teachers. They are not there to teach you to use your radio. They do not teach you to use your interface, your computer or any other hardware in your shack. If you contact our support team with a problem and it's determined the issue is NOT with the HRD software, you will be advised on the next step you should take to get help.

We do ask that you at least make an attempt at using the "Self-Help" systems that are available for all registered and trial HRD users. We have the Knowledge Database in our support ticket system which can answer many of the commonly asked questions without having to directly contact a technician. To access the Knowledge Base, you can open the main HRD website page and click on the "Help (FAQ)" option at the very top of the page, or, you can use the link listed below in the "HRD Help Links". Other self-help options are the HRD Forums, the HRD Software Channel on YouTube and many, many specialized Yahoo Groups for radios, interfaces, software and just about anything else you may need some assistance with.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question through the above options, then feel free to call or open a "Support Ticket" and one of our technicians will be more than happy to assist you.

For those using the 30-Day Trial version, we remind you that you do have the full support of our highly qualified Technical Support Staff should you run into any problems installing or configuring the HRD software. If you do have any technical problems while installing or configuring HRD, please, DO NOT CONTACT THE SALES DEPARTMENT. They will NOT be able to help you. Please contact the support department directly either by phone or by entering a support ticket from the "Support" page on our website at or The support phone numbers and other helpful links are as follows.

HRD Help Links
Download Current version:
HRD V6.2 Manual:
HRD Knowledge base:
YouTube Channel:
Teamviewer QS:

Support Hours: Monday - Friday 6am to 5pm EST.
Phone USA: 813-434-4650
UK/Europe: +44-1924-601057

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