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Where Can I Locate VIDEO Tutorials For HRD?
Last Updated 2 years ago

There are many video tutorial files for the HRD software located on You Tube.  HRD also has it's own You Tube channel that can be accessed at

Below is a list of YouTube videos prepared by the staff of HRD which deal with specific subjects.  To access these videos, copy and paste the URL for the video you are interested in watching into the search or address field of your favorite web browser.

HRD YouTube Channel:

DX Cluster Features:
Setup Field Day Contest Fields:
MySQL (MariaDB) HRD Logbook:
Logbook Feature (Awards & Labels):
HRD DM-780 & Winkey with Macro:
HRD Award Submission:
Logbook Feature (DX cluster):
Ham Radio Deluxe Install:
HRD Logbook Backup - Recovery:
HRD Shortwave Database Demo:

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